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Why can't you learn about climate change and still have fun? Why can't climate change be instagram-able? 

Experience Earth aims to raise awareness of our consumption habits and to close the gap of what happens when something is "thrown away," but in an interactive and photogenic way. We aspire to stimulate curiosity and inspire learning of sustainability, all while still creating fun, memorable experiences.


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Our Mission:

We hope to make people aware of how their choices impact the environment and encourage conscious consumption and sustainable choices. 


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Currently Experience Earth is just a concept, but we have put together a virtual representation of what this experience will be like. Click through to check it out. 

Ps. Use your imagination

Our Market

To encourage our visitors to make more sustainable choices we have pulled together a marketplace where they have access to make some easy switches to their daily lives like water bottles and reusable pouches. Come check out our online store even if you haven't had the chance to come our museum yet.